Sealife SL911 Moisture Muncher

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Sealife SL 911 Moisture Muncher Drying Agent - 10-Pack of 1.5g Blue Crystal Capsules absorbs moisture to prevent fogging and corrosion of your SeaLife camera. Each SeaLife Moisture Muncher capsule contains 1 gram of color indicating crystals. When the crystals turn from blue to pink color, it's time to replace the Moisture Muncher capsule. Fits inside all SeaLife cameras. To protect inner digital or 35mm cameras from moisture, SeaLife ReefMaster SL911 is a must for your scuba diving photography trips. Keep your digital cameras, electronics, optical equipment and other valuables dry and free from milduew, corrosion and fogging by creating a dry storage environment with SeaLife Moisture Munchers!

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Specifications for SeaLife SL911 Drying Capsules:

Quantity:   10 1.5g Blue Crystal Capsules

Features of Sealife Moisture Muncher Crystal Capsules:

  • A must for preventing moisture buildup in Sealife cameras and strobes
  • High capacity moisture-absorbing formula works fast
  • Blue capsules change color to pink to indicate needing replacement
  • Protects against corrosion, fogging, and mildew

1-Sealife SL911 Moisture Muncher
2-Sealife SL911 Moisture Muncher

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Wilmer - Add Reply

The product works very well, but the packaging leaves a lot too be desired. Each one should be individually packaged. I received a pack of two, got to use one, but the other went bad after being exposed to the air at my house. (I did not take it with me on the dive trip) Pros: The product works well Cons: The packaging sucks,

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