Excalibur Crossbow Crossbow Cocking Aids

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Excaliburs C2 Crank Cocking Aid is the perfect solution for hunters who have difficulty drawing high poundage crossbows. The C2 Crank dramatically reduces the effort required to draw any of Excaliburs models, as well as guaranteeing consistent string alignment. Unlike cumbersome, permanently mounted cranks, it detaches in seconds when the bow is cocked, and is carried separately in a pack or pocket. Constructed of high strength aluminum alloys to reduce weight and machined to tightest tolerances.

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Specifications for Excalibur Crossbow Crossbow Cocking Aids:

Additional Features: Cocking Aid
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Quantity: 1

1-Excalibur Crossbow Crossbow Cocking Aids
2-Excalibur Crossbow Crossbow Cocking Aids

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Liam - Add Reply

Great crank aid for my Matrix 380. Very quick and easy to use and won't I go back to a rope cocker. If you like to shoot thiswlllsave your back andgive you extended time target shooting.With the new Matrix bows at 260 lbs, this is a must. I'll be using this solely this hunting season. If you have any back issue like I do, this is a must.

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Payton - Add Reply

The Excalibur C2 mechanical cocking aid is a wonderful device. With the new powerful Excalibur crossbows rated at 260 and 280 pounds, this is a must. If you like to shoot long sessions at the range this will allow you to shoot with out fatigue. I am so good with this now, I can load my crossbow just as fast and sometime faster than my fellow archers. It does make clicks as you use it, but in a hunting situation your bow will already be cocked. The cocking aid can be used without activation the safety notch which makes the clicks. You just need to be aware if you let go of the handle, it will reverse with a vengeance. I'm very accustom and have practiced with the safety notch in the off position, which make the cocking aid silent. Excalibur does not recommedn using with out the safety notch on. But overall a great device which with practice is very easy and fast to use.

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