Muddy EZ Access Treestand Basket

Price Save 33% from $13.49 to $8.99

With its solid steel construction, durable camouflage mesh, and multi-purpose usage, Big Games EZ Access Treestand Basket is a must-have for those long days in the field. 12" Long x 6" Wide x 8" Deep, this basket includes a built-in cup holder, and has a weight limit of 20 Lbs.

89.5 /100
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Specifications for Muddy EZ Access Treestand Basket:

Color: Black/Camo
Length: 14.75
Height: 2.5 in
Width: 9.5 in
Package Type: Clam Pack/ Plastic

1-Muddy EZ Access Treestand Basket

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Lyric - Add Reply

The basket is handy to keep your small stuff handy while you wait for that big one to come by . It fastens easy and is fairly quiet if you brush against it . I would recommend it for every tree stand that you use or it can be quickly moved from one to another .

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