TeleVue Panoptic 24.0mm Eyepiece EPO-24

TeleVue Panoptic 24.0mm eyepieces EPO-24 are designed to produce the largest true field possible in a 1-1/4" eyepiece. TeleVue Panoptic 24 mm eyepieces field stop (27mm) is the same as the Tele Vue Plossl 32mm eyepieces. The higher power darkens the sky background while the greater magnification yields more details on extended objects. TeleVue Panoptic 24.0mm eyepieces weight only 1/2 lb. and designed with comfortable 15mm eye relief. Tapered top instantly makes the TeleVue 24mm Panoptic eyepiece the ideal eyepiece for getting the maximum field for Telescope Accessories viewers.

93.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Specifications for TeleVue Panoptic 24.0mm eyepieces EPO24:

Focal Length:   24mm
Apparent Field of View:   68°
# of Elem.:   6
Barrel Dia.:   1 1/4"
Eye-relief:   16mm
Weight:   0.51 lb / 8.2 oz
Field Stop diameter:   27.0mm
Works in Bino Vue:   Y

1-TeleVue Panoptic 24.0mm Eyepiece EPO-24
2-TeleVue Panoptic 24.0mm Eyepiece EPO-24

  • PROS
  • Very wide Apparent Field of View
  • Pinpoint sharp star images to the edge
  • High contrast views
  • CONS
  • High Cost
  • Short eye relief
#Tele Vue

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Sammy - Add Reply

I bought a pair of these fine eyepieces for use in Vixen BT-125 binoculars. I really enjoy wide angle viewing and sweeping of star fields with these big binoculars. And the 24mm Panoptics really deliver. Sharp stars nearly to the edge of the 68-degree AFOV. That's no small feat in a fast f/5.5 optical system. Very high contrast views also. Not all eyepieces will come to focus in the Vixen BT-125 binocs, but the Panoptics do. There are a few trade-offs with the 24mm Panoptics. Eye relief is pretty tight. Eyeglass wearers might not be able to see all the way to the field stop when observing with their glasses on. When panning across star fields, there is some barrel distortion. This effect is only noticeable when panning - one of the trade-offs for pinpoint sharp stars across the entire field. I don't find this slight effect to be bothersome, but others might. Absolutely the best wide field viewing experience I've ever had in a 1.25" eyepiece. Highly recommended.

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Jayce - Add Reply

I love the wide view with this lower power eyepiece. The soft rubber eyecup is the perfect height to position your eye for viewing. Pros: wide view, great optics Cons: none

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Levi - Add Reply

I bought this to get the largest FOV possible in a 1.25" diagonal for my LX90. Even though I had 3 Delos eyepieces, it still took my breath away. Great contrast, color neutral, sharp field to the edge. What's not to like

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