Suunto X6 Replacement Elastomer Watch Strap

Suunto X6 Heart Rate Monitor Replacement Watch Strap will get your high performance sport watch back in action. This Suunto watch accessory is an elastomer replacement watch strap sized to fit your compatible Suunto watch. Whether you need to replace a broken watch strap, elastomer band or extension band during a workout, or just want to change your look, The Suunto X6 Spare Elastomer Watch Strap can give new life to your exercise-minded timepiece.

SuuntoX6 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Strap SS011666000 is compatible with X6M & X6HRM ((52 x 49 x 15mm)) only (not X6 original) along with other various compatible Suunto Brand watch models listed below.

NOTE: The photo above may differ from the product you receive.

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Specifications for Suunto X-6 Heart Rate Watch Straps

Compatible Watches:
  • X6M
  • X6HRM
  • Observer
  • G6 Pro
  • M3

Features of Suunto X6 Watch Strap:

  • Compatible with various Suunto X6 HR Watches

1-Suunto X6 Replacement Elastomer Watch Strap
2-Suunto X6 Replacement Elastomer Watch Strap

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Austyn - Add Reply

I use this band for a Suunto Observer watch, and it fits perfectly. I previously had an observer specific metallic&elastomer band, and found - as so many others that the rubber in the band would become brittle and break in about 1 year. Because the metallic band is too expensive and because it seems to break repeatedly (I changed 2 already) I thought of trying the all rubber one. So far so good, this one has a better price, is a bit more comfortable but harder to take off. Also, the rubber band makes the watch look more sporty, the metallic one makes it look more elegant. Be careful and patient when you replace your old band - if you do this yourself, because it's a bit difficult to install it, and if you don't do it right, the band could come apart and the watch could fall from your wrist (it happened to me, luckily I was inside). Pros: comfortable Cons: hard to set up / install

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Jarrod - Add Reply

The band is what I was looking for, but it was hard to replace.

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