Cuddeback CuddeView X2 Viewer

Cuddeback CuddeView X2 Viewer 3204 out of the camera and into your hands! The CuddeView X-2 Viewer 3204 from Cuddeback allows you to go from one trail camera to another and view your scouting camera images when and where you want. Simply remove the SD card from your trail cameras and insert it into the CuddeView X2 3204. Now, you can immediately and quickly scroll through images at the push of a button. With the Cuddeback CuddeView X2 in the palm of your hand, you can now collect images from all of your cameras with the dual SD slots in the CuddeView X2. This Cuddeback trail camera accessory will prove to be an invaluable tool as you view images with zoom, pan, delete, see dates and times and transfer images to a second SD card. Manage your scouting and have more time for hunting with this trail camera accessory.

Cuddeback Cudde View X2 Viewer 3-204 is loaded with features which keeps Cuddeback ahead of the scouting game. This trail camera viewer also allows you to view images on your television or computer. TV cables are included with the CuddeView X-2 so you can view your trail camera 's images on a larger screen. A USB cable is also included with this viewer which now transforms this Cuddeback trail camera accessory into a PC or laptop card reader. As an SD card reader , the Cuddeback CuddeView 3204 allows you to download images to your computer for viewing or storage. All you need for this feature is a Windows XP/Vista operating system. Gain the satisfaction of knowing you've caught nature at her best and have more than enough images to show for it.

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Features of the Cuddeback X2 CuddeView Viewer 3204:

  • Two SD slots allows for copying images from a source card to destination card or between any two SD cards
  • Allows zoom in and pan around any image
  • Delete some or all images from media card
  • Serves as a card reader for computer (cables included; computer requires USB port and Windows XP/Vista OS)
  • View images on TV (cables included; TV requires RCA video-in port)
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Works with most scouting cameras

1-Cuddeback CuddeView X2 Viewer
2-Cuddeback CuddeView X2 Viewer
3-Cuddeback CuddeView X2 Viewer

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Gunner - Add Reply

Easy & Fast Viewing of Photos Pros: Easy & Fast Viewing of Photos Cons: None Found

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Hobart - Add Reply

a very user friendly viewer with the ability to zoom or pan a picture Pros: pictures are very clear , zoom works well , the ability to download pictures on another card for later viewing is extremely usefull if you have more than one camera to download Cons: the ability to save one or two pictures and delete the rest is not available,you have to delete them one at a time or all at once

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Luther - Add Reply

Best game viewer out there,way better then wild game enovations,has ability to erase and save pics,zoom and download on different cards, had mine for 3 years ordered new one in case this one ever stops working

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