Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench

Price Save 23% from $194.49 to $149.49

Create a more comfortable hunting experience that will fill your freezer in no time when using this Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench to stabilize your shots. Muddy built these Shooting Accessories from steel for an incredibly durable platform that can withstand the most rigorous outings. The adjustable and non-scratch rubber-coated gunrest of this Muddy Swivel Action Hunting Bench lets you customize how you take your shots while protecting the quality and finish to bring you years of use. With a full 360 degrees of seat and top swivel action, you can track big game with ease with nothing holding you back from that trophy takedown. There's even two shell/gear pockets for quick access to more ammo in the field. Upgrade your experience when the season comes by adding this Muddy Swivel Action Hunting Bench to your gear loadout.

91.5 /100
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  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Specifications for Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench:

Color: Black
Height: 4.75 in
Width: 30 in
Package Type: Box
Length: 31.5

Features of Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench:

  • Swivel action seat and top 360 degrees
  • Padded vinyl cover
  • Weight of 38 lbs
  • Weight rating of 300 lbs
  • One year warranty

1-Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench
2-Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench

  • PROS
  • easy to move and assemble, very stable ,great for long range shooting
  • CONS

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Robbie - Add Reply

Purchased this for our spring prairie dog hunting trip to South Dakota. The only bad thing about this unit is that we had only 1 for the 3 guys shooting. It was a scramble to see who got to it first. Table worked to perfection. Made the long range shooting easier and the swivel action was great. I am sure 2 more will be purchased for next year. Opticsplanet had the best price and shipping on the item when I purchased. I always have great service from this company.

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Lorenz - Add Reply

One reason it’s the best is the swivel aspect. When the rats get spooked, just focus on a zone in the alfalfa and push with your back foot to swivel left or right looking for their little heads in the alfalfa. This, and the price, make it the best in my book.

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