Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor

Price Save 28% from $599.99 to $429.99

12V portable air compressor will quickly fill PCP airguns anywhere.

93 /100
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Specifications for Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor:

Color: Black

Features of Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor

  • 4500 PSI-310 BAR Max Fill Pressure
  • Direct fill your airgun in just minutes.
  • Compact, portable, simple to operate.
  • Includes microbore fill whip w/ inline moisture filter.
  • 12V DC powered for ultimate portability.
  • Air cooled - no mess.
  • Temperature gauge reads in familiar degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Refill any airgun or small tank up to 1L.
  • Includes test plug, Hatsan fill probe adapter, and replacement filters.

1-Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor
2-Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor
3-Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor
4-Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor
5-Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor
6-Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable PCP Compressor

  • PROS
  • Small sized. Very low cost.
  • Small size and light weight
  • fills airguns quickly
  • CONS
  • Requires AC converter.

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Camren - Add Reply

Excellent air compressor. Easy to use. Portable for field use and perfect for work bench. Only take a couple minutes to fill PCP airgun. Small footprint compared to other fill options. And the price is very reasonable, especially compared pricing for other air compressors.

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Robin - Add Reply

Works as advertised. Seems well built. It really shows its limits when being used outside its specs to attempt to fill bottles (mine is a 1 1/2 liter). Operating WITHOUT OIL is both convenient and troublesome. I have never used a compressor that did not require oil. It seem great for portability and topping off any airguns of your choice. HERE'S THE REALLY IMPORTANT PART. I have a first gen Air Venturi Nomad that required repair after a little over a year of mainly topping off my bottle (allowing for a rest after a couple of minutes, and then using the bottle for the rifle). Upon opening the casement for a quick look i discovered that the oil line was noodled in a manner that undermined regular servicing with oil. BTW the spark has a tamper label that if broken will void the warranty. OK I'M GETTING THERE! Had I purchased the Nomad from Optics Planet I'm confidant that what is now an expensive paper weight and monument to non-existent customer service by the manufacturer (well at least the people who relabel the unit after it makes its way from afar) OP would have made this consumer and frequent customer of said OP a satisfied owner of either a repaired or replaced compressor! Further I'm more that confidant that had I purchased the equivalent dollar figure of a FX rifle, premium scope, 88 cu in bottle, high compression compressor and a couple of tins of ammo OPTICS PLANET wound have stood behind their sale. BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHOM YOU PURCHASE AIR GUNS AND SUPPLIES/EQUIPMENT... Read More...

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