Opti-Logic Micro Rangefinders for Archery or Firearm Ballistics

The OPTI Logic MicroLaser Rangefinders for Archery or Shooting are likely the smallest Range Finders on the market today. They are easy-to-use distance measuring instruments designed primarily for hunting applications. The Opti Logic Micro Laser Rangefinders allow for rapid, accurate determination of distance to an object in a matter of seconds using Red-Dot targeting technology for easy sighting and a brightness adjustable red LED display for easy ranging in all light conditions. The OPTI LOGIC Micro I (100 yard) and OPTI LOGIC Micro II (400 yard) models are made in specialized factories and are user programmable to read in meters, or yards, with or without Ballistics Compensation (VAC), as well as angle of measurement. To save battery power, Opti-Logic inckuded in the instruments the ability to shut themselves off automatically when the instrument is not in use. The Opti-Logic Micro One with VAC incorporates ballistics compensation for Archery; they call this "Vertical Angle Compensation".

The Optilogic Micro Two with V.A.C. also compensates for archery ballistics up to 100 yards and then automatically switches to firearm ballistics in excess of 100 yards. It's as simple as it gets with these Opti-Logic Range Finders!

Like all OptiLogic Rangefinders, the Opti-Logic MicroLaser Rangefinder is made in specialized factories!

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Specifications for Opti-Logic Rangefinders for Archery or Ballistics:

Size: 3.25" x 2.50" x 1.40" (8.26 cm x 6.35 cm x 3.56 cm)
Weight: 3.5 ounce (99.2 gram) (less battery)
Operational Range: Micro I = 4-100 yards (91.5 meters):
(Up to 600 yards for highly reflective targets)
Micro II = 4-400 yards (366 meters)
(Up to 800 yards for highly reflective targets)
Range Accuracy: +/- 1 yard/meter
(+/- 2 yards/meters for very dark or very bright targets):
Range Resolution: 0.5 yard/meter
Readout: Easy to see, adjustable, internal red LED display
Units of Measure: User selectable in either yards, or meters with or without VAC
Viewfinder: Monocular viewing port with red LED aiming sight, +/- 0.1 degrees (1.5 mrad)
Battery: Single CR-2 Lithium Battery. Operates for approximately 1000
Ballistics Comp: Micro I up to 100 yards Archery
Micro II up to 100 yards Archery & up to 400 yards Firearms:
Operational Temp: -18° to 40°C, 0°-104°F
Relative Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing
Laser Type: Infrared Class 1, eye safe 905nm Laser
Waterproof: Yes

1-Opti-Logic Micro Rangefinders for Archery or Firearm Ballistics
2-Opti-Logic Micro Rangefinders for Archery or Firearm Ballistics

  • PROS
  • Illuminated reticle
  • easy to use.
  • CONS
  • carrying case is too small

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Emilio - Add Reply

I love this little guy. It's a no frills laser rangefinder. Hold down power button to turn it on and soon as you let go it starts ranging. This thinkg is so small I forgot I have it on me. Pros: small size and lightweight Cons: none

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Arno - Add Reply

No frills display that gives you an illuminated readout, and the thing weighs near nothing. The neck strap was comfortable, which I only note because my buddy's Leupold rangefinder came with a regular shoelace-type strap. The only downside to this rangefinder for me was the carrying case is too small for the rangefinder; it won't stay closed. But for the low-light condition archery hunting I find myself doing after work, this item is perfect.

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