Opti-Logic Insight LED Laser Range Finder 1000XT

The Opti-Logic Insight 1000XT LED Laser Range Finder combines a pulsed laser-rangefinder and a vertical angle sensor in a lightweight, easy-to-use package that is ideal for shooting applications that require precision distance measurements uphill or downhill with this Opti-Logic Range Finder. The hand-held Range Finders is capable of measuring distances to non-cooperative targets, depending on target size and reflectivity. Incorporating an internal electronic tilt sensor, the Opti-Logic Insight Laser RangeFinder is also capable of automatically correcting for vertical angle with 0.1 degree resolution to provide the true horizontal distance to an uphill or downhill target. True horizontal distance is especially important for any applications that require a projectile to be launched at an angle: for example bow hunting and 3-D Archery, rifle hunting and SWAT team applications, golfing and much more. With the Insight LED Display, you can now range in extremely low light levels of the morning or evening. With this Range Finders there is no need to take your eye off the target. Simply press the power button, put the Red Dot on the target and release the button.

We also carry the Opti-Logic 1000XT Laser Range Finder without InSight LED Technology

Colors for Opti-Logic In sight 1000 XT LED Laser RangeFinders

  • Opti-Logic Insight 1000XT LED Laser Range Finder Yellow
  • Opti-Logic Insight 1000XT LED Laser Range Finder Black
  • Opti-Logic Insight 1000XT LED Laser Range Finder Camo

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Specifications for OptiLogic Tilt Compensated Laser Range Finder 1000 XT:

Operational Rangem of 1000XT: 4-1000 yd(Passive) Up to 1500 yd(Reflective)
Approx. Size: 1.7" x 4" x 5.1"
Weight: 11 oz
Range Accuracy: +/- 1 yard (+/- 2 yards for very dark or very bright targets).
Range Resolution: 1 foot / 0.5 yard / 0.1 meter
Readout: Easy to read external LCD display.
Units of Measure: User Selectable in either feet, meters, or yards.
Viewfinder: Monocular viewing port. Red LED aiming sight, +/- 0.1 degrees
Battery: Single 9 volt battery. Operates for approximately 1000 readings.
Operational Temp: 0° - 40°C, 32°-104°F.
Laser Type: Infrared Class 1, eye safe 905nm Laser.

Features of Opti-Logic Tilt-Compensated Laser Rangefinder 1000XT LED:

  • Range Button: Press the "Range" button to take distance or height measurements, or to select modes.
  • Display: The Opti-Logic Laser Rangefinder is user
  • programmable to read in either Feet, Meters, or Yards.
  • Low Battery: Replace the battery when the Low Battery symbol is displayed constantly.
  • Automatic Rain Mode: For range accuracy in light rain conditions.
  • Automatic Timeout: To save batteries, the instrument will automatically "time out" after about 7 seconds.

1-Opti-Logic Insight LED Laser Range Finder 1000XT

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Giovani - Add Reply

This range finder helped me take a deer at 425 yards with one shot. Pros: made in USA, good price Cons: none

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