Carson Pholster Game Bird Carrier 2-Pack

The Carson Pholster Game Bird Carrier 2-Pack includes 2 belt-mounted bird carriers made of a heavy gauge plastic that is both durable and weather proof. The Carson Game Carrier has a heavy-duty quick-release clip that allows easy attachment to any size belt. Once the fallen bird is retrieved, the hunter simply slides the bird's neck through the front slot of the Carson Optical Pholster using only one hand; the head of the bird will securely rest in the cup. The bird hangs securely from the Carson Pholster Bird Carrier, eliminating the need for old-fashioned leather loops, metal carriers, rope, etc... which often require two hands to secure or require assistance from fellow hunters! The Carson Pholster Game Bird Carrier also allows the birds to ride higher on the hunter's waist, preventing birds from dragging at the ankles, a problem commonly found with all types and styles of bird carriers. This game belt from Carson is perfect for pheasants but also accommodates other large game birds.

Several Carson Pholster Game Bird Holders can be worn at the same time- in the field or even when driving a vehicle. The heavy-duty clip guarantees the Pholster will stay securely attached to your belt under all conditions...detaches in just seconds. The Pholster can also give the hunter a much-needed break from carrying a heavy shotgun by acting as a temporary gun rest during hunting trips. Simply place the butt of the shotgun on the Carson Pholster and the entire weight of the gun will be supported! The Carson Pholster Game Carrier is also great for use with training dummies.

The Carson Optic Pholster Game Bird Carrier is available in Blaze Orange and is sold in a two-pack.

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Specifications for Carson PH-25 Game Bird Belt:

Weight: 1.6 oz.
Dimensions: 2.625" x 2" x 2.625"

Features of Carson Belt-Mounted Game Bird Carrier:

  • Belt-mounted - fits any size belt
  • Quick attachment
  • Easy one-handed use
  • Doubles as temporary / short term gun support
  • One bird per holder
  • 2-Pack of holders

1-Carson Pholster Game Bird Carrier 2-Pack

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Kamryn - Add Reply

quick and easy to use

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Eldon - Add Reply

Works great to secure a bird when you are short on time. Also works to take the weight of the gun off your arms while waiting for the next flush. Attaches to your belt. Can set a bird in with one hand and keep the other hand on your gun.

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