OPMOD MDP 1.0 Mini Dry Pad w/ OPMOD Logo

The OPMOD MDP 1.0 Mini Dry Pad w/ OPMOD Logo is sold exclusively through OpticsPlanet. Whether you need an everyday mouse pad, gaming surface, or a compact place to clean your gun, the OPMOD Non-Slip Dry Pad offers excellent quality with portability. It protects your work surface from scratches, spills, and everyday wear. The smooth surface also protects your gear and equipment from getting scratched up. The ultra-thin profile allows your mouse to glide smoothly and provides excellent mouse tracking, ensuring greater accuracy and control. The low profile doesn't get in the way of the keyboard and provides a flat, ergonomic surface while using your mouse. Store inside your laptop to take with you on the go and can also double as a screen protector. The non-slip backing has a secure grip, even on smooth surfaces, and can be easily moved to reposition. The pad stays in place and doesn't slip or slide around. The soft fabric is quiet to use, yet absorbent for those untimely spills. Absorbs up to 5x its weight in liquid while the backing prevents all spills from soaking through. Your dry pad provides additional protection for your electronics, work surface, and gun. This mat is not only versatile, but also durable and stain resistant and will last for years. Easy to clean and is also machine washable, the pad dons the OPMOD logo and ensures everyone knows your favorite brand for modifications. The OPMOD Absorbant Work Pad is made from over 50% recycled fiber and proudly made in specialized factories.

94.75 /100
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Specifications for OPMOD M.D.P. 1.0 Mini Dry Pad:

Product Size: 9.25x7.25

Features of OPMOD MDP 1.0 Mini Dry Pad:

  • Protects work surface from scratches , spills, and everyday wear
  • Ultra-thin profile allows mouse to glide smoothly
  • Provides excellent mouse tracking
  • Non-slip backing keeps pad in place
  • Can be easily moved to re-position
  • Portable & stores conveniently in your laptop
  • Quiet to use
  • Absorbs spills & prevents soak through
  • Durable and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean & can be machine washed
  • Fabric fiber made from over 50% recycled material

1-OPMOD MDP 1.0 Mini Dry Pad w/ OPMOD Logo

  • PROS
  • light and compact
  • CONS

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Jerrold - Add Reply

I bought the OPMOD EOTech and I love it. I wanted to show my love for the OPMOD brand and since they don't have any shirts or stickers, this is the next best thing. For $4 I didn't even have to think twice about buying it. Now I get to think about my rifle every time I look at this mousepad.

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Garnett - Add Reply

Very good scope. Couldn't tell the difference against the Swarovski. I like that it's compact. Glass is unreal to look through. I am very pleases with this product. Once I get a good tripod with it, it will be a hard optic to beat.

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Alexandro - Add Reply

I originally bought this thinking it was a mousepad. The size is perfect for a mousepad but it doesn't have the slippery surface so your mouse will slide smoothly across. Im now using this pad to place my glock and parts on after cleaning and lubricating. Works great and its cheap.

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Freddie - Add Reply

A wonderful product for the base of a telescope. Very good construction. long lasting. Just wish it came in larger sizes to fit the base of my 10" scope. I would recommend this product to a friend.

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