Lockdown Stackable Handgun Rack

These vinyl coated Lockdown Stackable Handgun Racks are extremely handy for use in your gun vault or at the shooting range to provide a safe place to rest your handguns. The individual channels are specially designed to cradle the grip and barrel of the gun and are wide enough to accommodate most wide body pistols or magnum revolvers.

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Features of LOCKDOWN 8 Gun Stackable Pistol Rack:

  • Holds 8 handguns (pistols and/or revolvers)
  • Vinyl coating won't scratch or mar handgun's finish
  • Free up room in your gun safe or cabinet
  • Use at range to hold handguns while not in use

1-Lockdown Stackable Handgun Rack
2-Lockdown Stackable Handgun Rack

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  • Price, rugged design
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Rick - Add Reply

Was hesitant at first. Have other expensive racks so wasn't sure on this one. Wish I would have tried this one first. Its a winner. Holds firearms well, spacing is nice, not to tight. Very sturdy. Don't waste your money on overpriced wood, these are great.

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Frank - Add Reply

Sturdy and well designed. Rack is coated to protect delicate finishes. Photo shows the unit stacked, but if space is an issue, can be used separately instead of stacked. Just what I needed for handgun storage in my safe.

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